Return & Cancelation


To cancel your order, you must send an email to [email protected] ideally within 1 hour of purchase before 4:15pm Weekdays and 2:15pm Saturdays. Otherwise by 8 am the following day for all purchases made after those times. Even if you do email within these windows, we cannot guarantee the cancellation of an order if it has already been packaged and handed off to a delivery service. Our window for cancellation is very small for the simple reason that some orders placed will be in a box and in the hands of a delivery service in as little as 7 minutes.

Please include in the email your First name, last name, order number if applicable, your telephone number, your address, shipping address if different, order date and time, and email address. If this information does not match what is in the order it may be impossible to locate and cancel the order.
Even if we have already charged you for your order or created a shipping label, we will still make every effort to cancel the order. Canceled orders may not be refunded in full if it is impossible to recoup the shipping charges if those charges have already been billed. If we can recoup shipping charges and the package is not already in the hands of to the delivery service you will be refunded in full and the order will be canceled.


All special orders will see a restocking fee regardless of reason for return. The only situation where a restocking fee will not be charged is if we are required by the manufacture not to charge restocking fees. This is might be due to us being in a special program with said manufacturer.


To return an item please email [email protected] and obtain a return of merchandise number. Returned items must be in original packaging and condition without damage. You must request a return within 30 days of purchase and the item must be returned within 40 days for any refund. Return shipping is currently the responsibility of the customer unless specifically mentioned in the return instructions. We do not provide free shipping for items that broke or need to be replaced. It is very possible that the manufacturer will provide you with free shipping to them for replacement. Many items we sell include instructions on warranty and defective products. Some items you purchase from us HAVE to be warrantied through the manufacturer. Companies sometimes inform us specifically that they want you to go through them for warranty issues as it can be much cheaper and faster for all parties involved.

Our Return Address:

Algoma Hardware & Sporting Goods
Atten: RMA # ——-
513 4th St.
Algoma, WI 54201

Include the following information in the package fully readable:

Your name
Phone Number
Email Address
Order # If applicable
Order Date and time
Return Reason


All orders we ship will have a tracking #. Once delivery is verified by the delivery service provider, we are no longer responsible for that item. Items that are stolen, go missing, or are misdelivered you agree we cannot be held responsible for. If contacted about one of the above or any other delivery related issue that is out of our hands, we will attempt to assist without any responsibility to refund or issue replacement(s). In the event of delivery issues please contact your local USPS location or the proper delivery service provider. When calling USPS please call your local post office that actually delivers your mail and see if they indeed did deliver it to the correct address. If they say it was delivered it can help a lot to file a lost/stolen report with them as this may help them prevent future packages from disappearing.


We do have inventory tracking software but even with carful tracking and processing we can sometimes make mistakes. We will promptly contact you by email or phone to verify we cannot process the order. We will try and let you know if and when we can get some more of the items(s), though there are no guarantees.


We have no problems saving orders for in store pickup. Please note this in your order at checkout. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours as to when you will be able to pick up then we will try to contact you. If we cannot get a hold of you within 72 hours of the order, then we will cancel the order.
Please drop by and check us out in person! Most items we carry online, we also sell at our brick and mortar location. Unlike many of these online places that have tiny shops or no shops at all we have a large 5200 square foot sales floor. Come visit us!

Algoma Hardware & Sporting Goods
513 4th St.
Algoma, WI 54201